Power in the Age of Lies , an exciting political thriller

One woman seeks truth. Now she must challenge a corrupt President — and America is at stake.

As the disastrous Trump presidency enters its fourth year, America is shattering. The powerful Free West Resistance is rebelling against Trump’s authoritarian regime.

In red state Kentucky, Madison Padgett is fighting her own battle to save her dying coal town. Nothing will stop her—not even allying herself with a president she loathes. But she’s blocked by Conrad Vega, the young, idealistic Democratic senator determined to save humanity from a global warming catastrophe.

Violence explodes, and Madison is thrown into an impossible race to save the country as it plunges toward civil war—unless the treasonous plot in the White House is exposed.

Now, she must unravel a twisted conspiracy while her ideals of respect, truth, and hope drive her toward the ultimate confrontation. If she fails, America—and all it stands for in the world—will be destroyed.

Exciting, provocative, and unabashedly liberal, POWER IN THE AGE OF LIES is an action-packed political thriller and scathing critique of the Donald Trump presidency. In an era of unprecedented dishonesty, enter a new world where heroes believe in truth, and fight for the rights of all.