Power in the Age of Lies , an exciting political thriller

One woman seeks truth. Now she must challenge a corrupt President — and America is at stake.

Madison Padgett’s fight to save her dying town is blocked by Conrad Vega, the handsome, idealistic Democratic senator determined to save humanity from a global warming catastrophe.

But when violence explodes, Madison has an opportunity to grasp unthinkable power.

Now she must choose between her lifelong goal—a goal she now questions—and fighting a conspiracy fueled by a corrupt president’s ego and greed. And if she fails, America, and all it stands for in the world, will be destroyed.

Exciting, provocative, and unabashedly liberal, POWER IN THE AGE OF LIES is an action-packed thriller. In an era of unprecedented dishonesty, enter a new world where heroes believe in truth, and fight for the rights of all.