M Verant

Integrity and Truth are for Heroes

Madison Padgett is fighting to save her dying town. Nothing will stop her—not even allying herself with a president she loathes. But when she discovers a twisted conspiracy in the White House, she must challenge her own beliefs to save a country plunging towards civil war.

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What They're Saying

"A riveting political thriller, all the more plausible given today's national nightmare has shattered the country into hostile factions where truth has been the first and most enduring casualty. "Very highly recommended" —Midwest Book Review

Power in the Age of Lies is literary fiction, but it holds up a mirror to the very Trumpian times we live in now. Perhaps more than any novel published in 2018, Verant's book seems set to capture the angst of those of us alive now. Read it and weep. And then take action.” —Dan Bloom, Editor, The Cli-Fi Report

“Set in ‘Year Four of the Trump Presidency’—ominously, no actual date is given—with the United States on the brink of a second Civil War between an underground Resistance and a nationalist dictator, Power in the Age of Lies calls to mind The Man in the High Castle, in its dystopian vision of a divided America, but is perhaps better described as a liberal (and much shorter) Atlas Shrugged, which at its heart is a compelling, page-turning thriller. Verant has given us a stirring and disturbing book, and a lot to think about as 2020 looms.” —Greg Olear, author of Totally Killer, Fathermucker and Dirty Rubles: An Introduction to Trump/Russia

"A powerful, exciting read that is both hopeful and terrifying. The portrayal of a corrupt, egotistical Trump dragging America toward civil war feels all too real. But this book is about the heroes—Madison and Conrad are champions of science, empathy, and truth." —Michael Huttner, author of The Resistance Handbook: 45 Ways to Fight Trump

“a new lens through which to view our current political and economic landscape… An almost-dystopia that feels more relevant than any other I have read” —Constance Renfrow, author and former lead editor of Three Rooms Press

If the 2016 election woke you up, read this book. Fictionalized Trump lurches from one scandal to another while the laws and customs of our nation are at risk. It’s a warning.” —Doug Fortune, reviewer

Power in the Age of Lies is audacious and so very topical.” —Gary Phillips, editor of The Obama Inheritance

"Verant has opened the door on an entirely new type of political thriller: deftly told, timely and terrifyingly real." —David Pablo Cohn, author of Heller’s Tale and Eight in Three Weeks

"I had trouble sleeping last night after I finished this book. It is a relentless thriller. The characters are ripped out of today's headlines. The author keeps the suspense building and building. I really enjoyed this book even if it did scare me to death." —Reader review

“it's fiction, but it could be true at the rate we are going" —Jb Trepagnier, author of Crow Girl and Feet of Clay

Very exiting!! I loved it! Madison's speech made me cry." —Charlene Ku, reviewer

“The book sometimes strikes me as the love child of Tom Clancy and Ayn Rand, with the offspring mostly taking after the father (which is good)” —Scott Meyers, author and speaker